Why Me

Why Me?

Hi. I'm Nkiru.

Lead Generation Specialist, B2B Copywriter, Content Marketer, Content Strategist

My name is pronounced Inkeyroo …meaning “the future is better than the past” or as my late dad used to say, “the best is yet to come.” Words I live by.

About me

I have spent the last 20+ years steeped in content, and the breadth of my experience is vast – journalism, PR, strategic communications, TV production (from reality TV to historical documentaries!), digital content, corporate training, event production and creative enterprise development. Much of this work involved selling to and consulting for a variety of businesses ranging from major companies and multi-nationals to small and medium enterprises.

I have also enjoyed various side hustles from selling Bulgarian wine in Nigerian street markets (long story!), to launching a hip-hop themed sandwich shop and organizing a bi-annual retail fair.

Yep, I’ve worn a lot of hats, but what ties all my experience together is writing - leveraging the power of the written word - either for information, entertainment, promotion, education or sales. I can be a formidable asset to your marketing team, as I have the rare ability to deliver editorial, promotional and persuasive copy. And as a trained journalist, I’ve got the reporting and research chops to get to grips with any subject quickly.

I tackle your project not just as a writer but as a lead generation specialist.

That means I understand the pieces that go together to build a powerful lead generation campaign. I understand how to sell with words, how to get into the heads of your prospects and how to build trust so that you can close the deal.

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